Global’s Affirmation

“I am taking and passing my NCLEX exam with grace and ease and I am joyously receving my RN/VN license on (recite month and year)!”

Our strategic approach and extensive review course can help you pass with grace and ease!

While teaching NCLEX review for 15 years, our lead instructor began to notice a pattern in the statistics of students that failed the NCLEX Exam. Both international and US graduates who failed and repeated the exam, scored an average of 24% and 50% respectively. There was a gap in review programs to specifically help these students. That was the impetus to open Global NCLEX Review Center in 2004. We strive to provide a program that teaches students to be successful, regardless of past performance.

Program Design

  • Syllabus – The most current NCLEX-RN and NCLEX-PN Detailed Test Plans are used (found in www.NCBS.org)
  • Content – According to the NCLEX, the test items “are written for the application of higher levels of cognitive ability, which require more complex thought processing”. Global has developed a unique and systematic critical thinking PROCESS which teaches students how to apply this level of critical thinking in answering the questions. An integrated system approach incorporates pediatric, adult and older adult considerations in each body system reviewed. Focus is on “how to” answer NCLEX-style questions.
  • Live Classes – There is individual and group student participation in each session to practice and reinforce concepts and strategies learned.
  • New Graduates – We have expanded our program to include new graduates for both RN and VN programs.